These are the official rules of the Galactic Conquest Wiki. Follow them.

  1. This wiki should be used for the purpose of Galactic Conquest content only; unrelated topics should be kept on the forums or be put in your talk/profile page.
  2. Even if a page is empty or stubbish, it should not be vandalized into "perfection" as this degrades the wiki more so than the empty page.
  3. Deliberately making empty pages to bolster badge count or clutter the wiki is degrading and action will be taken.
  4. Profile pages should be used purely to describe yourself and what your position is in GC.
  5. No vandalism of any kind. We've stated this in ways before and we're saying it again.
  6. Joke pages go in the Joke Pages category. Do not put them in any other categories. And just because you think something is funny does not mean it gets a joke page.
  7. No plagiarism allowed.  Wether or not something is plagiarism is decided by the Director.
  8. Persons banned in GC will also be banned/IP tracked on this wiki.
  9. Do not put things into irrelevant categories. Your new weapon idea does not belong in the Lore category.
  10. No OOC comments in pages. Things like "(This is ripped from <some game>)" are not acceptable. Put them in the comments section, not the page itself. For why, see rule 5.

Feel free to suggest more rules.

Category page for Creatione infinitum mundi here.