Physical Appearance:

Insect-like winged humanoids


Cautious, skittish, slow to trust, very protective of friends, adaptable, honest, and resentful


They are sapient

Average Lifespan:


Elemental Base:


Protean Alignment:


Average ESPER Level:



Volatilis are insect-like humanoids with unguligrade legs and wings. They have a partial exoskeleton over the forearms, shoulders, sides of the neck, torso, hips, and thighs. On everything else is smooth leathery skin. There is an endoskeleton underneath to hold everything up. They have hair similar to moths which is on their arms, torso, thighs, and part of the head. Atop their head is two antennae, and they have two compound eyes which glow slightly. Their ears are simply holes in the side of their heads which are capable of closing if needed. Their noses are slits on the front of their face around the same place a human's nostrils would be. These are also capable of being closed. Their antennae are used for smelling primarily, but their noses can also be used for smelling. The noses just aren't as good as the antennae, but they are a good backup if the antennae were to be removed. The antennae are also sensitive to movements of air flow and changes in air pressure. Their facial features are angular and streamlined. They have five fingers that are proportionally longer than human fingers. The fingers possess retractable claws. They also have sharp carnivorous teeth even though they are omnivores. 

Their eyes are compound, but they are positioned and shaped much like a human's, albeit they are larger. They have nictitating membranes to act as 'eyelids'. The compound eyes are also connected to muscles, so they can move much like an animals, unlike most insectoids. They are superposition eyes, meaning the perceived image is a single erect image, not multiple inverted images that apposition eyes make. In the center of the eye, where a pupil would be there are specialized zones of ommatidia organized into a foveal area which gives acute vision. This allows them to focus on objects, unlike flies or other insects. The individual eye units or ommatidia are so small it's hard to notice they have compound eyes to a casual observer. From a distance of casual conversation or further the eyes are seemingly smooth and of a solid color. The foveal area of the eyes are of a lighter hue than the rest of the eye, however. 

Females are about 7'0 in height. They are slender and tall compared to males. However, they're less muscular. What they lack in muscle, they make up for it with agility. Males are shorter and stocky. 

In eons past, the Volatilis actually were large insects with six legs and four wings. But over thousands of years they became more and more humanoid. As they grew sentience they became less like insects. Their exoskeleton now only covers them partially. They are also warm-blooded, an adaptation for their cold planet. 

Volatilis have well developed brains with potential for psionic powers. 

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