The Verion Cluster

The Verion Cluster is a large globular star cluster in the Ceros Galaxy, approximately 8,000 light years from the core. The cluster has a diameter of approximately 40 LY. It is home to many races, and is densely packed with stars of varying sizes and types. At it's center is the Verion Nebula, for which it is named, a small nebula from which the cluster gets it's name. It has been theorized by Trayn astronomers that the Verion Nebula is what is left of the much larger nebula that formed the cluster billions of years ago.

At least two Protean Energy Clouds are known to exist near the center of the cluster, one Astral and one Nether. Several wormholes have also been discovered, along with a few smaller nebulae.

Ancient races known to have inhabited the cluster are the Nekrat, Jorr'kan, and Ikan. It is believed, however, that many other empires inhabited the cluster hundreds of years ago as well, though so far no evidence of this has been discovered.

Due to unknown factors, the cluster is home to an unusually large number of habitable worlds.