Okay, so GC has carried three seperate series names over the course of its run (Original, PS, and Creatione. Not counting my attempted rebirthing in an alternate universe post-CIP destruction). However, aside from The Original Series we have no good name for the initial (parts 1-17). Thus, I beseech ye therefore dear brethren, suggest good names in the comments below with a reason as to why it should be named that, and I will add them to a list of possibilities. We can vote a la poll once we have a good enough list.

Possible Names

  • The Galactic Conquest - Paying homage to the original thread's title, while also summing up the series.
  • Galactic Conquest: The CIP Saga - Since the original series covers the history of the CIP up until its death, and then revival, by the UUF in Paradigm Shift.

So, again, submit ideas and hopefully we can come up with something more awesome than "The Original Series" for the first 17 threads.