With the creation of the Tyrant-class Light Cruiser, strike craft have begun to take on a more prominent role in the Trayn navy. They use two main types for space combat, the Scythe fighter and the Reaper bomber.

Scythe-class FighterEdit

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A Scythe-class Fighter

The Scythe is a formidable fighter craft, capable of both atmospheric and space operations. It is armed with twin wing-mounted Gatling Railguns, as well as sixteen small missiles, eight on each wing. The missiles are useful against ground targets and other strike craft, such as bombers. The cockpit is completely enclosed in armor, with cameras providing the pilot with a view into space.

The Scythe's hull is made up of chobham armor. It lacks the standard exterior carapace that most Trayn ships possess.

It's armaments are customizable, the missiles capable of being replaced with another two gatling railguns, or the gatling railguns capable of being replaced with a single Heavy Gatling Railgun. However, the most common variation is the one described above. The gatling railguns are usually armed with standard rounds, however explosive rounds can be fitted to the fighter at the cost of ammo capacity.

Scythes are fast, and are often used to protect Trayn ships from enemy fighters and bombers, or to escort Reaper bombers to their targets.

Reaper-class BomberEdit


A Reaper-class Bomber

The Reaper is the Trayn's standard atmospheric and space bomber craft. It is designed to take out enemy ships or ground installations. It does this with its large payload of powerful bombs. It is often escorted by Scythe fighters, as the Reaper is defenseless aside from its thick armor. The Reaper is slower and less manueverable than the Scythe, thanks to its larger size and thicker armor. Like the Scythe, the cockpit is completely enclosed, with cameras providing the pilot with a view to the outside. Also like the Scythe, it's hull is made of chobham armor, without the carapace on top.

Its payload can vary, but large conventional bombs are used most often. Depending on the mission, it can be equipped with anything from cluster bombs to small nukes.

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