The Trayn currently employ three types of power armor, all used by the Ground Force branch of the Stellar Force.

LCPA-10 Onslaught-class Light Combat ArmorEdit

ME3 Terminus Assault Armor

Ground Force variant of Onslaught combat armor.

The Onslaught-class is the most widely used variant Power Armor. While not providing much in the way of a boost to abilities, the armor does provide protection from both enemy weapons and hostile environments. It is equipped with a thirty minute oxygen supply allowing for operations in both vacuum and on planets without a breathable atmosphere. The external armor layer is made of various lightweight but strong alloys, which have recently been updated to include carbon nanotubes in their construction.

Variations of Onslaught armor are used by both the Stellar Navy and the Ground Force. Navy armor is considerably less bulky, and provides increased mobility at the cost of less protection. Special Operations and Stealth variants of the armor exist and are used by both the Navy and Ground Force.

HPAA-3 Dominator-class Heavy Power ArmorEdit

The Dominator-class Heavy Powered Assault Armor is one of the deadliest weapons in the Trayn Ground Force's arsenal. It enhances the wearers strength by a factor of two, and large blades are embedded in the wrists, capable of extending on command should the user get into a melee confrontation. The armor's outer layer is made of thick carbon nanotube plating, giving the armor a black color. A power pack is attached to the armor's back, holding the capacitors which store the energy required to run the armor. A charging port is located on the back of the capacitor pack, for easy charging without the wearer having to leave the armor. Troops with Dominator armor are capable of being dropped from orbit in drop pods, often along with pods containing fusion reactors and charging stations for the armor.

When in armor, the average Trayn stands at about nine feet.

SPA-5 Phantom-class Infiltrator ArmorEdit

This light armor is used almost exclusively by Trayn infiltrators. It is equipped with chameleon plating over a layer of thin armor plating. This armor is designed to be light and to allow for maximum flexibility and stealth. It is equipped with twin blades on each wrist for close-quarters combat and stealthy kills. The blades extend on command, but are otherwise hidden. In this armor, a Trayn infiltrator usually weighs about 380 pounds. It is not widely used, as the Trayn prefer direct attack to infiltration, taking advantage of their physical prowess and superior training, rather than using stealth.