The Trayn employ a variety of orbital defense platforms, ranging from point-defense platforms to keep missiles from hitting the surface of the planet, to platforms designed to turn enemy ships to slag through the use of plasma emitters. Large numbers of ODPs were deployed in orbit of Tiren after the Tiren Defense Act was approved. These ODPs are controlled from Tarok Cerr, the largest military space station in orbit of Tiren.

Types of Orbital Defense PlatformsEdit

Standard ODPEdit

The standard Trayn ODP is armed with two Plasma Projectors, and four Gatling Railguns. They are powered by a single fusion reactor, and are unmanned, their targeting often being controlled by an installation on the planet below or a station in orbit. ODPs are small, with a circumference of 28 meters. They have a central section, where the fusion reactor and targeting systems are housed. An outer ring is connected to the central section by four arms. The Plasma Projectors are mounted on the top and bottom of the central section, with the Gatling Railguns being mounted along the outer ring, two on top, and two on the bottom.

The platforms posess small thrusters in order to keep their orbit stable, and to orient themselves towards their target. They also posess 1 inch thick carapace armor, and below that is an inch of chobham armor. They are easy to destroy.

Plasma Emitter PlatformEdit

These are similar to the standard ODPs, but large, at 38 meters in circumference. Their appearance is roughly the same, but they lack any Gatling Railguns, instead having a single Plasma Emitter on the top of the central section. The platforms can only fire once before going offline, their reactor depleted of plasma. Eventually the reactor restarts, and the platforms come online again.

Their armor plating is thicker than the standard ODPs, posessing 1.5 inch carapace armor and 1.5 inch chobham armor.

Mass Driver PlatformEdit

The Mass Driver Platform, or MDP, is the largest defense platform constructed by the Trayn. At 350 meters long, it is designed to accelerate massive slugs to incredible speeds in order to destroy large enemy ships. It most often fires slugs of tungsten, weighing up to 57 tonnes. The slugs are cylindrical, and have a diameter of one meter and are three meters long. Sometimes slugs of iridium are used, weighing 67 tonnes.

The platforms are 350 meters long and are cylindrical, with a diameter of 35 meters at the widest point. They have two inches of carapace armor above two inches of Chobham armor.