Trayn Collective

The emblem of the Trayn Collective

Type of Government:

Military Junta

Founding Document:

Treaty of Tyrak

Head of State:

Overlord Hadar, Supreme Admiral Vahriin, Supreme Commander Kazaal


Tyrak, Tiren


CU (Credit Units)

Official Language:


Formed From:

As'ai Empire, Nerak Council

Date of establishment:

TSY 421

The Trayn Collective is the governing body of the Trayn. It was formed 400 years ago when a war between four major nations on Tiren ended, and the victors, the As'ai Empire and the Nerak Council, united to form a world government, then called the Tiren Dominion. It was a democratic, civilian-ruled government. Eventually, the military took control, and it became the Trayn Collective. It's capital is Tyrak, on the Trayn homeworld of Tiren.

Governmental SystemEdit

The Collective is ruled by three individuals, all of whom are high-ranking members of the Stellar Force. The Overlord, the Supreme Admiral, and the Supreme Commander make up the rulers. The Supreme Admiral is the representative of the Stellar Navy, while the Commander is the representative of the Ground Force. The Overlord can be either a member of the Navy or the Ground Force. The Overlord is elected from a group of four candidates, two from the Ground Forces and two from the Stellar Navy. The Overlord then chooses the Supreme Admiral and the Supreme Commander. They can all serve up to 16 years in office, each term being four years.

The Overlord is the supreme ruler, though the Supreme Commander and Admiral are able to overrule him if they both agree on the decision.

Economic SystemEdit

The Trayn are mostly socialist, with a thick safety net in place for the less fortunate. Citizens still need to earn their money, and if a citizen is able to work and is not actively looking for a job, the government will cease giving them funds within a month.

Services such as healthcare, food, and housing are provided by the government, though private alternatives are available. Corporations are heavily regulated, being unable to manufacture military equipment, and are not allowed to sell technology that the government considers important to outsiders. They are also required to treat their workers well, with a minimum wage of 20 CU.


The military of the Collective is known as the Stellar Force, with two branches: The Stellar Navy, and the Ground Force. The Navy currently holds more political power than the Ground Force, as the Overlord is once again a naval officer. The Stellar Force maintains a staggering 2.5 billion active soldiers, though in war time the number nearly doubles as reserve forces are sent into active duty. The total number of soldiers within the Force is 4 billion.

The Collective maintains a large military presence on all of its colonies, having troops to spare. They are mostly there for defense against invasions, but in rare cases they will be required to quell an uprising or destroy a terrorist group.