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The NA found the rouge planet Ilium eary in year 2173, within a few days they had great plans for it. The NA spent the next month making the planet habitable, adding carbon dioxide to the atmosphere and pumping heat onto the surface. When the planet was habitable they started building factories, a lot of them, soon the entire planet was covered in factories and manufactories. While all this was being built the NA transported over 600 shipyards into orbit around the planet, and built 4 Xenith construction star bases over the planet. Now Ilium was the home base for the Xenith Shipyards, and is home to the majority of the NA's shipyards. The Xenith Shipyards was kept secret from other factions, but the NA used it constantly. However, during the Great War, the Xen Shipyards were destroyed, nothing remains but space debris and ruins of factories and manufactories on the planet's surface.

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