The Conglomerate are a faction made up of 4 main races, consisting of the Viscu and Radan (the original founders), the Ferros (forced in), and the Katuri (entered willfully). The Conglomerate are known for their warmongering behavior.


The Conglomerate formed in a mass rebellion of the slave races of the Ferros Empire. The slaves created a rag-tag fleet that elimianted the more advanced Ferros navy through surprise attacks and creativity with poor technology. After occupying most of the Ferros systems, the slaves demanded the Ferros Empire would be fully annexed into a new faction, called the Conglomerate.

Early DaysEdit

After the formation of the Conglomerate, news was sent to the Trayn and other known factions that the Ferros Empire had fell. Quickly the Conglomerate began constructing a fleet, making a few jumps in technology that would bring them on-par with the other factions in the cluster. Directly bordering the Corrundians, conflict began as Conglomerate expansion fleets were sent in to expand the Conglomerate owned systems. The first few battles drew Corrundian victories, as they slowly turned to stalemates and Conglomerate victories.


Fearing TSE intervention, the Conglomerate formed a plan with the Trayn and Malsuth to do several strategic strikes on TSE systems to crush them and move in for an attack that would destroy them. As the Trayn and Malsuth backed out, the Conglomerate attacked by themselves using Nexil. They succeeded in genociding several trillion TSE citizens.

As the Conglomerate fleet wreaked havoc in the TSE systems, the TSE and Corrundians moved into Conglomerate space, killing Conglomerate citizens. The Conglomerate do a massive retreat 50 LYs out into inter-cluster space, and begin to rebuild. They discover the Katuri Hegemony, and absorb it.


With cold relations with all empires, and active war with the TSE, the Conglomerate began to repair relations. The Trayn were fine with the Conglomerate, but not so with the Malsuth and TSE. Relations began to repair with the Malsuth, and a cease-fire treaty is created with the TSE.

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