The Arthans (Full Name: Insectus Arthan) are a race of intelligent beings that evolved in a corner of the Verion Cluster on the planet of Astrila in the Tronjal system. They are very similar in appearance to large insects. Their culture is similar to that of the United States America on Earth, their early history is riddled with war and conflict, but their more recent history has had very little war comparatively. Additionally, the Arthans have always been brought up to be honorable above all else.

Metropolis pt 3 by AndreeWallin

The IAR Capitol City, Orchan


The Arthans are a carbon based intelligent life form that emerged from Tronjal. Their outward appearace is similar to that of a large insect with 4 arms and a head similar to a preying mantis on earth. They have a rather thick exoskeleton that both serves to protect them and keep them warm. They have several organs that are similar to that of a Human, but they are in different locations due to the lack of an internal bone structure. While they are similar to insects in many ways, the Arthan do not have a hemolymph blood system, they have developed a vien system similar to that of Humans. Their blood is doesn't carry oxygen in and of itself, instead, it usues Hemocyanin to transport the oxygen from the lunges to the rest of the body. The natural oxydized color of Arthan blood is a pale green, when is deoxydized is turns a very dark green.

The Arthan homeworld is much colder than Earth, being almost 20 degrees Fahrenheit cooler on average, due to the core of Astrila being less prone to eruptions and having an over all lower temperature than that of Earth. The cloud cover of Astrila is also significantly greater than Earth's, causing the Arthans to have evolved with dark colored exoskeletons to better absorb the heat from the sun.


The current population of the Arthan as a species is 16,631,872,521 with an average anual population growth rate of 1.15%. The Arthans are spread out farely evenly among the orriginal 8 colonized worlds of the IAR, though Astrila has the highest percentage.


The Arthan language is similar in pronunciation and sentence structure to that of Spanish on Earth, but the actual word meaning has no similarity to any Earth language.

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