The Allied Bloc

Type of Government:

Confederacy of numerous Empires and species

Founding Document:

Compounded treaties during the Conglomerate Campaign

Head of State:

Offically, Empress Camilla I of the Malsuth Empire (Before dissolution)


Formally, Barber's Sun; informally, the homeworld of each member race


Monetary system of each race, usually some form of Credits

Official Language:

No specific official language

Formed From:

Conglomeration of Corrundian, Malsuth, and Terran forces,

Date of establishment:

Established: 2167
Dissolved: 2173

The Allied Bloc (sometimes referred to as CONFED or the Confederation) originated as a  coalition of galactic powers assembled by the Terran Star Empire to combat galactic threats. Member races before its dissolution in 2173 included (but was not limited to) the Malsuth, the Empire Corrundians, the Xendians, the Tal'Ryth, and the Edessans.

The Allied Bloc's influence dominated practically all of the Verion Sector as a result of the disappearance of the Ghendari (and several minor species) many years ago, its successful pushing of primary Conglomerate forces out of Verion and the annexation of the space of the Late Trayn Collective. In recent years, it served as the primary bastion of forces against Terran xenophobia during the Verion Campaign, despite the Terrans' former membership of the Bloc. Following the Terran invasion, the Bloc was formally dissolved as its members fled to the outer reaches of the cluster and beyond, to await the results of the Verion Fleet's stand.

Members (before dissolution)Edit

Former MembersEdit

  • Terran Star Empire