Terrarius V
Terrarius V with moons obscured

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Terrarius V - home of the Terrarians, one of the most diverse races out there.


Taluth is Terrarius V's first moon. It's generally a humid rock with very small and scraggly vegetation. The thicker atmosphere is rather combustible, and lighting a match would cause quite an explosion. The first rocket on it had to have heat shielding because of the immense heat produced from the fireball at takeoff.


Galith is Terrarius V's second, icy moon. Straying too close to its oddly composed atmosphere will cause a victim's instruments to be frozen within icy crystals, possibly damaging them. Probes are wrecked completely.

Galith, Terrarius V's icy moon of doom and gloom.

Galith's frozen mass protects Taluth from being bombarded and completely demolished.