"Today, my friends, we have reached a new era. We have accomplished the unthinkable. We have created faster than light travel. [Cheering in the background.] In just a few days, we will launch the Nautilus, our biggest project yet. We take a bound into the unknown. We leap towards a new future. Follow us into it. Thank you."

-Head Developer Zatal, unveiling of the FTL drive to the public



Terrarius 5

Physical Appearance:

Think of an anthro, any anthro. Occasionally have extra limbs/heads.


Varies, interest is jaded or curious; peaceful.



Average Lifespan:

150 years

Elemental Base:


Protean Alignment:


Average ESPER Level:

1 (2-3 can happen)


Ter emb

The emblem of the Commonwealth.

The Terrarian Commonwealth is the government of Terrarius Five. They follow standards set by a bygone age (a democratic government).

Relations with other racesEdit

The Terrarians currently have a trading alliance with the Tal'Ryth.

Technology and ShipsEdit

Currently, the Terrarians are attempting to pioneer new scientific equipment. They don't really want to hurt anyone. However, there is a weapons division. They have created the Plasma Containment Cannon, which is particularly dangerous. They have also pioneered mech walkers.

The current fleet is composed of a large swarm of planetary/solar system scout ships and the single exploration ship which the Terrarians are so proud of.

Solar system mapEdit

Terrarian system wip

Currently a WIP.

This is a map of the system.

Tech list (Personal reference)Edit

  • Plasma Containment Cannons
  • Basic ship engine cooling systems
  • Warp 2 capable engines
  • Enhanced sensors
  • Mech Walker Theories
  • Anti-personnel thermite bombs
  • Drone control systems


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