The Spiral Phase Disruptor (also known as a Phaser) is a ship-mounted directed-energy weapon utilized by the Xendian Federation.


The SPD is comprised of a large turret with two barrels mounted to a cylinder. When fired, the cylinder rotates the barrels around and they slide towards each other and away, creating a spiral effect in the beams fired. An axle is located in the center of the cylinder that doubles as a third barrel.

Beam AppearanceEdit

The beam fired by the SPD is orange before the discharge, and during the discharge turns purple. A discharge lasts roughly one second and if looked at directly without protection can cause temporary blindness.


The SPD, when fired, emits two continuous Xaser beams from the swivelling barrels, followed by an intense electrical discharge from the third. The discharge travels down the Xaser beams in a Lightning-like bolt that can overload weaker shields and damage more powerful ones; and the discharge bolt is capable of emitting gamma radiation. The cannon superheata unshielded material.

Upon firing, however, the turret becomes inoperable for three minutes; and if enough bolts are fired from the same ship at once the entire ship can go offline for up to five minutes.