Plasma Core Cannons are weapons created and used by the Trayn Collective. They appear to be a ball of plasma with a black, cylindrical core in the center. The core is made of a special metal which is capable of withstanding the high temperatures of the plasma for a few minutes. Inside the core is a small battery which powers a containment field generator, keeping the plasma in a sphere around the core. The core is also capable of sticking to the hulls of starships via magnetism, allowing the plasma to burn away at the hull.

The core can only survive for up to three minutes, however. Once this time is up, the battery runs out of power and the core is disintegrated, and the plasma disperses. However, the cores can be detonated by firing a low-powered laser at them, causing a large plasma explosion.

These weapons can be used with Dark Plasma, however the Trayn prefer to use what little Drahknium they have for their Plasma Beam weapons, rather than the weaker Plasma Cores which would also consume more of the rare gas needed for Dark Plasma.