This page tracks persons of interest in the Ilessari database.

A'kos DvarEdit

Dvar was the former Tujihn, or monarch, of the Hierarchy. He was an aged fellow and a grizzled war veteran, wise but merciless. Dvar was a learned swordsman and musician with an extremely short temper. He ruled the Hierarchy for 94 years, until his death and the following Civil War. Dvar's skin was a slightly lighter shade of orange than normal, and his hair was completely white. He often kept it in a single, twisting braid down his back. He stood at 7'9", a little above average for his race. Winding blue tattoos in the shape of vines curled around his brow and cheeks, and his eyes were gold.

Seras OkimarEdit

Seras Okimar is the Camerran of the New Republic of the Ilessar, and a former lord and military-born noble under Tujihn Dvar. Okimar was the first to ever establish contact with the Terrans, while attacking a group of pirates in wild space. Okimar is a man of action and a brilliant strategist. When the civil war began, Okimar rounded up the fleet he was granted due to the power to assume the role of admiral during a war, rounded up all those loyal to Dvar, and set out purging the many nobles with claims to the throne as they battle amongst each other. After finally crushing the last bit of resistance, Okimar quickly promised to restore everything lost, and also to do away with ancient traditions and lay down a new, lasting system and forge a document known as the Ilessari Code of Life. He then claimed the shattered remnants of Hierarchy space in the name of the NRI and the people it presided over.

Nulrar VerkelEdit

Nulrar Verkel is an exceptional soldier who has served under both the Hierarchy and the New Republic. He is from an island nation of warriors on Telmun who have managed to stay independant from the government, although loyal to the Hierarchy. He possesses a rugged accent and rough, stocky features. With deadly aim and lightning reflexes, Verkel was promoted to captain early on in his military career. There he served in a great number of battles and expeditions. His most notable adventure was at the allied banquet on Malsuth Prime, where he encountered and reported on Nexil, and witnessed the assassination of an emperor firsthand. The orbiting fleet left without him, and he escaped on a shuttle. When the Republic was formed, Okimar handpicked Captain Verkel to be his Lead Overseer and advise him personally.