The Nekrat are an extinct race that once had a powerful empire, over one thousand years ago. They were wiped out in a war with Jorr'kan, who themselves went extinct only a century later. The Nekrat were masters of cybernetics and genetics, using their knowledge to create the Trayn to serve as soldiers in the fight against the Jorr'kan. They were highly advanced, believe to be almost as advanced as the Terran Star Empire. Unfortunately, they were wiped out before they could reach their true potential.

In late 2165, an ancient Nekrat ship was discovered drifting through space beyond the Verion Nebula. The ship held dozens of stasis pods, all of them filled with Nekrat. Trayn scientists theorize the ship was created a final attempt to save the Nekrat race. However, the ship came under attack by the Jorr'kan and was heavily damaged. With power and life support failing, the crew entered stasis in a desperate attempt to escape death. Power reserves continued to dwindle, and soon pods began to be taken off line, one-by-one, until only one remained active with enough reserves to last at least a millennium. Inside the pod was legendary Nekrat geneticist Kathra Nivriin. When the ship was found by the Trayn, Nivriin was awakened from the pod, which only had a few years left of power at most. All of the other Nekrat on the ship died, with Nivriin being the only known surviving Nekrat.

Nekrat relics still exist around the galaxy, but few have been found, presumably destroyed in the war.

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