The Model 2173.

The Xendian Model 2173 Support Sabre is a relatively new addition to a Xendian Soldier's arsenal. It is generally used for ceremonial purposes, though it can be used in combat scenarios.


The Sabre is designed with an aluminum hilt with leather-wrapped grip, and the pommel painted gold for decorational purposes. The blade is made of a Chromium-Titanium alloy, and has a silvery luster. Some models of the Sabre include a diamond edge on the blade to add slicing power.

Military and Ceremonial UseEdit

Generally, the Sabre is not used in combat, rather being used in various military ceremonies. The Sabre can serve as a sign of authority, as all officers are presented with one upon achieving the rank of Captain.

In combat scenarios, the Sabre can serve quite efficiently, being rather lightweight for its length.