Atmospheric Density:

1.01 atm (Atmospheres)

Approximate Size:

6,321 km (Equatorial Radius)

Tectonic Activity Level:


Weather Paterns:

Little precipitation or clouds, arid and hot.

Average Temperature:

32° Celsius (89.6° Fahrenheit)

Atmospheric Composition:

25% oxygen, 1% Argon, 3% Carbon Dioxide, 0.60% Trace Gasses, 70.4% Nitrogen


Atis, Keren

Planetary Age:

3 billion years

Orbital Position:

Second planet

Solar System:


Ilith is located in the Ili system, in the Verion Cluster. It is the homeworld of the Asathai and the capital planet of the Union. It is a desert world, and was previously ravaged by a nuclear war that left its ecosystem damaged. Ilith has two moons, Atis and Keren. Atis is habitable but barren, while Keren has no atmosphere.


Ilith has two large continents, Nav and Lenn, with Nav being the larger of the two. The planet is almost entirely desert, with the occasional patches of greenery. Before the nuclear war ravaged the planet, it was considerably more hospitable. The Aric Ocean is the planet's largest ocean, encompassing most of the area of water on the planet.

The entire Lenn continent is covered in the Sea of Dunes, a massive sandy desert where little life exists beyond small oasises. Few Asathai live here, though the Sea of Dunes is home to a single large settlement, the city of Kurr. Kurr was mostly annihilated during theVerion Campaign by the Terran Star Empire, when three of their vessels crashed into the city in a suicide attack. It has many ancient ruins from before recorded Asathai history, including entire ancient cities swallowed by the sand.

The Kethack Mountain Range is a large mountain range located in northern Nav. Its peaks are about the only place you'll see snow on Ilith, and several of the mountains reach above the clouds, which are few and far between on the arid world. New Veren, the planet's largest city, is located at the foot of the Kethack Mountains. Nearer to the cost, still on Nav, is the capital city of the Union, Tyr, which is quickly growing and may soon outgrow even New Veren in population, size, and prosperity.


The average temperature on Ilith is 32° celsius, and it experiences little rain. Sandstorms are frequent on the continent of Lenn.


Few species of flora exist on Ilith, and few are very large. The most prominent are the massive cactus-like plants that thrive in the Sea of Dunes, some growing to become hundreds of meters tall. Other large planets are the trees that grow in the planet's oasis regions.


Most large fauna died off in the Great War, however several species still exist, including the Dune Hound, a dog-like lizard kept as pets by the Asathai. By far the most feared species is the Sand Stalker, a predatory worm that burrows under the sand in the Sea of Dunes and bursts out of the ground to swallow its prey whole. They can grow to be hundreds of meters long and the largest are able to devour entire buildings. Sand Spawn are their smaller cousins, which hunt in packs and form large underground communities. They burst out of the ground and grab onto their prey with their powerful mouthes, tearing them to shreds while others drag them into the sand.