The Ilessar Hierarchy currently has four main military branches, which each serve a vital purpose for the government and military both.

All together, these divisions form the HIF, or Hierarchy Imperial Force.

Space DivisionEdit

Hierarchy Space Division

The emblem of the Space Division.

The space division is, as the name suggests, the military force that commandeer the HIF's spacecraft.

Land DivisionEdit

Hierarchy Land Division

The emblem of the land division

The land division are mostly infantry, engineers, and vehicle pilots.

The Honored GuardEdit

Hierarchy Honored Guard

The emblem of the Honored Guard.

The Honored Guard are an elite security corps who protect all of the military leaders and high-ranking officials of the Hierarchy.

Shroud AgentsEdit

Hierarchy Bladed Ones

Emblem of the Shroud Agents.

Shroud Agents are the special forces of the HIF, tasked to carry out more important missions than the standard divisions. They carry plasma swords, minirockets, wrist blades, and grapple cords, and are trained, lethal weapons.

The Bladed OnesEdit

The Bladed Ones are a small sect of Shroud Agents who have undergone many years of training in the art of bladed weapons, and so are masters at melee combat. They are often used in ambushes, boarding operations, and other close combat situations.