H.S.A. is a weapon manufacturer, whose public head quarters is on Hyperion. Their real head quarters, however, is in their underground facility on Helios. They are also known for operating on the gold world of Astrin, under the Vault Project. The project has been discontinued, H.S.A. moved out, and with it, the last remaining Cyrannatar, or rather, sentient beings on the planet.

The ionized radiation from the earlier war on this planet between the E.C.P. and the natives resulted in interferences with sensors, giving the project a nice sneaky start. The natives were unaware of this, besides their top officials. When the natives died off, and the project lost funding due to the Fifth Cyrannatarian Civil War, H.S.A. moved out, leaving the golden planet uninhabited, and also leaving their underground facilities, the ruins of the native's civilization, and the native's last hope in survival, a large hole in the ground,  mined and populated by the natives.