General InformationEdit

Ghandarus is the arid homeworld of the Ghendari. Its atmosphere is 50% thicker than that of Earth and is composed of 10.5% Oxygen, 86.3% Carbon Dioxide, and 4.2% other gases. it is 30% larger than Earth. Its Tectonic Activity Rating is 9, and it is afflicted with frequent dust and ash storms. Its average temperature is 97 Celcius, and it is a mere 1% water.
It is extremely polluted, with large amounts of Carbon Dioxide, which primarily comes from the massive Celus Volcanus. It has 3 Moons, and its most common resources are Iron and Carbon. Even though its age is half that of Earth, sentient life has already emerged, primarily due to the amount of radiation that is recieved from the red binary stars of Ytavus 01 A and B due to the near total lack of an Ozone layer. The only place where life can live is underground, in the nutrient-soaked soils of the depths. Farther down is the "Forge," where the extremophile Ghendari Metalworker subspecies refine and shape ores within the agonizing heat. Their art has always remained a mystery, as no other Ghendari can survive for long in the Forge.

Environmental EffectsEdit

The volcanic fires of Ghandarus recycle Oxygen into Carbon Dioxide, while the Ghendari themselves convert Carbon Dioxide to Oxygen. Effectively, the Ghendari do not need trees or any other form of life on the planet; their Forge maintains the atmosphere for them. This is probably why the Ghendari tend to be naturally hateful torwards everything else, but fortunately their way of life and group understanding dilute their hatred quite a bit.

Additionaly, without the Metalworker subspecies, the Ghendari could never have advanced to their current stage of development; there are no plants with which to begin technological development normally.

The LabyrinthEdit

The Labrynth is the network of tunnels beneath the surface of Ghandarus. Some formed naturally, but most have been dug by the Ghendari to support their massive population. Additionaly, with most of the near-surface tunnels having packed dirt walls, it is very easy for the Ghendari to converge on a hostile position from all sides after they enter the Labrynth by simply burrowing through them.

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