In the aftermath of the devastating Verion Campaign by the TSE a mere two years ago, most of the powers in the Verion cluster are left in ruins, industries collapsed in some cases beyond repair. The political scene was falling apart, growth of most states had come to a halt from the wounds left by the war. The one power to not have a near total collapse or come off harmed beyond foreseeable total recovery was the Malsuth. Seeing this, the civilian oversight staff on the United Universe Federation starbase Vendaris decided that it is time for a restart of the scene. It is simply unlikely that events of major interest will happen further within Verion, and after this conclusion is reached the entire galaxy finds itself brought back millions of years.

In this new timeline created by the Federation, many familiar faces return and many are lost. The year is now 2162, and a rebirth comes to the Verion cluster.

Year: 2162


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