Galactic Conquest: New Dawn is the third thread in the Creatione infinitum mundi series of Galactic Conquest. Set in 2168, it is the sequel to Galactic Conquest: Bellum Stellarum.


As war between the powers of the Verion Cluster begins coming to an end, the races begin their long cycle of reconstruction. They spread throughout the stars, encountering new anomalies, new worlds, new races, and new threats. They discover things that may, in the future, alter the balance of the galaxy. As the power of the younger races continues to grow, the Terran Star Empire is becoming wary. The races will need to forge relations and alliances with the Empire if they are to have a future. The Trayn begin building up their fleet for unknown purposes, while the Malsuth Empire continues it's mass production of starships, possibly the greatest threat out of all of the younger empires.

The New Dawn has begun.