Galactic Conquest: Entanglement is the fifth thread in the Creatione Infinitum Mundi series of Galactic Conquest.


Pelos Year: 2173 Space is still the deadly vacuum it has been.

The history of the CIP is revealed to the factions of Ceros by the TSE, who had been studying it for the last two years, possibly even more. The CIP, otherwise known as the Core of Interuniversal Peace, a rather misleading name considering the constant state of war, was a universe the United Universe Federation had watched over prior. The Terrans, having studied it, begin learning of prominent factions such as the Terg, Skekath, Brandain... and the UUF. The UUF's references are typically vague, with them constantly noted as as having completely averted the Terg's destruction on more than one occasion. The Skekath are noted as a very powerful faction which focused a large amount of its efforts on war production, especially against the Alliance. The Alliance was a combination of a vast majority of all factions known at the time, and there are still more that are not even noted as often.

Entanglement of affairs begins once again with diplomacy gone wrong.