Dustcasters are a kind of secondary-PD/Anti-shield weapon. The Ghendari are currently the only faction known to possess this kind of weapon. The weapon is hard to dodge, as it focuses its damage into a cone rather than a point.

General InformationEdit

Dustcasters are weapons based on railgun technology. Instead of firing a single projectile, they fire a dust cloud at speeds somewhat higher than that of a railgun shell. They are an effective secondary PD weapon and a

Why you don't stand in front of a Dustergun.

re very effective vs. shields, but not against hulls. They can also clog hostile armament and RCS with dust on occasion. Focusers can make Dustcasters more effective at a range and against armor, due to a decreased cone effect.



Handheld versions, called "Dusterguns," can vaporize unarmored organics at short range.

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