Confederacy of Kesh

Type of Government:


Founding Document:

Constitution of Kesh

Head of State:

Lord Marshall Tulev, Prime Minister Delina, and Merchant-General Daran





Official Language:

Kesh Basic

Formed From:

Independent Vorskel states of Kesh

Date of establishment:

127 BIS [Before Interstellar]

The Confederacy of Kesh was born of an attempt to unite the Vorskel species. It has been the most successful attempt to date. A few countries decided to opt out of the Confederacy, but it largely did what it set out to do. Over the years it has steadily gained more power as countries started to trust the system. Now all the founding states and clients are very closely tied. In addition the Confederacy has several extrasolar colonies. The colonies are only loosely tied via a charter. Beyond that they can do as they please. This is from necessity, considering that they were founded in a period during which the Vorskel were limited to STL craft and communications.

History Edit

Government Structure Edit

Military Edit

The Confederacy's military is a large multi-national force drawing from soldiers in all member states. This means the military is quite large and has millions of personnel at its disposal. They make up the Army, Air-Force, Space-Forces, and the Marines. The Space Forces are the smallest in terms of numbers. However, this is simply due to staggering cost of their ships. The new warp capable ships are perhaps the most expensive creations of the Vorskel.

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