The only known symbol associated with the Che-tar. It has been found on the walls in numerous 'slave houses'.


What some Ilessar suspect the Che-tar may have looked like.

The Che-tar were an ancient race responsible for the rise of the Ilessar. They were violent and incredibly stupid insect-like slavers. They seized victims from every world they came across, razing and plundering like common pirates. The source for their space age technology is believed to be from the Che-tar Phrymtists, those said to be hatched without a shell and to be much more intelligent then the common male Che-tar. They kept slaves in massive complexes and shipped them off around their massive territory to do physical labor for them.

The IlessarEdit

Sometime near the end of the brutal reign of the Che-tar, they invaded Telmun, the homeworld of the Clans of the Ilessar, hoping to capture several million slaves. The Ilessar, however, outwitted the Che-tar and drove them back. All current space age Ilessari technology is descended from things the Che-tar left behind. Many historians still visit ancient worlds to explore Che-tar compounds.