Arid planet by bs4711-d3fpsfu

Cestus II after the first Ghendari attack, in which they destroyed its biosphere with MIRVs.

Cestus II is a planet in the Ceros galaxy, located near the Verion Nebula in the Cestus system. Cestus was originally a Trayn colony, but was attacked and conquered by the Ghendari. The planet would become the theater for several major battles in the Ceros galaxy, including the Third Battle for Cestus II, in which the Trayn, with assistance from the Katuri and Corrundians, attempted to re-take Cestus II from the Ghendari. The attempt failed. When the Ghendari disappeared, the Trayn made no effort to re-colonize the planet, as its biosphere had been destroyed in the initial Ghendari attack, and it was no longer suitable for Trayn habitation.

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