A rare day with slightly clear skies on Adrima.

Located in the Hilder'Ka system, Adrima is the HomeWorld of the Numican Alliance. Adrima was once a storm planet, storm clouds covered the planet almost year round except for the North and South Poles. The storm clouds caused an almost constant lightning storm, which provided the entire planet with power from the lightning bolts, and allowed the planet to charge several thousand G5-K2 Bolt Cannons on the surface. Adrima was almost completely covered with one large city, every building on Adrima is designed to capture and store power from the planet's storms. Adrima was also the home the home of most of the NA's fleet when it wasn't in action as they charged their G5-K2 Bolt Cannons.

Now, Adrima is nothing but a ruin, when the Terrans came, they completely destroyed it, the surface is covered with a poisoness gass and the ruins of cities. Adrima is inhabitable, not a single living thing can be found on this once prosperous homeworld of the Numicans, only death and ruin.

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